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10 Habits of Emotionally Healthy Stepmothers10 Habits of Emotionally Healthy Stepmothers

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Stressed. Overwhelmed. Stuck. You joined a family in progress with love and hopes of creating a strong marriage and family. Your dreams of blending are not aligning with the reality of remarriage with kids. Your good intentions go unnoticed and unappreciated. You live in a home full of people yet feel very alone.

 If you have a desire to improve your stepfamily life but you don't know where to  begin -- you are in the right place! This course will equip you with a variety of tools, techniques and processes to help you get "unstuck" from negative thoughts and actions and help you create habits to thrive in the role of stepmom. You won’t just find a list of 10 habits but rather you’ll uncover why the habits work and how to practically adopt them into your life and family. Recommend taking CORE Work module first but not necessary.

Let’s get started. 

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