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CORE Work: Uncover your beliefs, values, and attitudesCORE Work: Uncover your beliefs, values, and attitudes

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You love your family and you spend time reading resources and learning how to navigate this blended journey. You gain tools and put them to use and they work for a short time but gradually, or not so gradually, frustration and hurt creeps back in and consumes your thoughts. 

Are you ready to let hurt and frustration go? Do you long to deal with challenges that come your way instead of allowing them to "deal" with you and/or your marriage? This course will help you identify your core values, attitudes and beliefs and to understand how they align or don’t align with life in your blender. You’ll gain tools on what to do when they don’t match up. Recommend taking this course prior to the 10 Habits of Emotionally Healthy Stepmothers. Not necessary but is very helpful to uncover your core and understand how it impacts your ability to work with the foundation built before you joined your family.

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