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10 Foundational Truths About Life in a Stepfamily10 Foundational Truths About Life in a Stepfamily

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This course is a must for anyone navigating stepfamily dynamics. You married with good intentions but the life you have is not the life you thought it would be when you said “I do” and blended two families. Or maybe one of your children remarried and you find yourself being a grandparent to bio/adoptive children and stepchildren and struggling. Marriage and parenting books are not effective tools for a stepfamily or a stepparent because they don’t address the complexities and dynamics unique to stepfamily life. Adults and children struggle with loyalty binds and that is NORMAL. Don’t believe the lie that you and your spouse made a poor decision to marry. You are navigating dynamics inherent to all stepfamilies and once you understand these 10 foundational truths, you will be better equipped to navigate them. We not only uncover 10 truths but provide practical tips on how to work with each truth so that it doesn’t continue to work you over. 

This is a foundational course and will truly open your eyes and heart. Let’s get started.

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