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10 Foundational Truths About Life in a Stepfamily

Cost: $19.99 (USD)
Is stepfamily life the way you envisioned it? For most stepcouples, the answer is NO. It’s not about marrying the wrong person but rather the inherent complexities and dynamics EVERY stepfamily navigates. By uncovering and understanding these truths, you’ll be able to better address dynamics. You’ll uncover truths AND gain practical tools for each. Think loyalty binds, feeling like an outsider, the ex-factor and more…. Stop questioning your decisions and start equipping yourself with tools to thrive!

10 Habits of Emotionally Healthy Stepmothers

Cost: $19.99 (USD)
Feel like an outsider in your own home? Do you have responsibility for your stepchildren yet little authority? Do you live under the ex-wife’s microscope? You are NOT alone! I want you to learn the 10 habits that stepmoms who experience peace practice daily. Get ready to let go of emotional exhaustion weighing you down in your role as stepmom as you embrace these 10 habits. You will not only learn what these habits are but you’ll get practical tips and tools to add them to YOUR life

Back to School: Setting Up Your Home for Remote Learning

Cost: $9.00 (USD)
This is the go-to resource for everything remote learning! Recommendations are delivered by grade level (including college) for parents and caregivers of students learning virtually. Whether looking to set up your work station or stressed about how to best care for your student’s emotional and social well-being, you’ll find practical tips and tools. Two bonus features; co-parenting & remote learning and grieving losses in remote learning.

CORE Work: Uncover your beliefs, values, and attitudes

Cost: $9.99 (USD)
This course will help you uncover what’s at your core and allow you to identify the “why” in your stepmom struggles. When your core beliefs, attitudes and values are not aligned with those around you - life is hard. Get ready to dive deep to look at what is and isn't working for you and what YOU can do to bring about change. These tools and techniques bring freedom in all areas of your life, however the framework is designed specifically for stepmoms.
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